Welcome to the Garden.

Where Grace Meets Fashion

The Garden District is every woman’s Eden. It is a place of bliss, creative expression through fashion, and light overcoming darkness. TGD is a fashion brand, featuring eloquent pieces that meld the delicate feminine with the wild, untamed individuality of fierce women - and it is also a source of empowerment, faith, and unconditional love for every body. 

Meet Holly

Hi, I'm Holly!

I created The Garden District because I’m moved to speak life & love to women who seek encouragement in the areas that we struggle with the most. With every fiber of my being, I live for and love Jesus. I'm a product of his love and the effect of radical transformation by the Spirit. My collections (and everything else about this space) will be inspired by His attributes.

Beyond the one-of-a-kind pieces available to you through TGD, you will find encouragement and love from me in the form of videos & writing across the Journal and social media platforms.

All of my love,

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